5 tips for starting a new career from scratch

23 March, 2022

Are you thinking of starting a new career from scratch? According to SEEK, 1 in 3 people have switched to work in a completely different industry. Whether you are looking for a better work/life balance of chasing a higher salary, here are some tips to help you start a new career in 2022!

Some of the most common reasons for leaving your job include:

  • Your current work doesn’t align with your interests and values.
  • The pandemic has made you realise the important of a better work-life balance!
  • You don’t believe your skills are valued in your current job.
  • Your salary has remained stagnant.
  • You don’t have the opportunity to progress in your current role.

Here are 5 tips for starting a new career from scratch

What is your dream job role?

It makes sense to start with writing down what your dream role is. It’s important to understand, unless you create your dream role ie. Starting a business, there will be aspects of any job you don’t like. Write down your hobbies and interests. Is there a possibility of turning them into a career?  Look beyond your interests and assess the type of work culture you would like to be a part of. Would you like to work alone or as a team?

Look at your career options

Jump on a job platform and look up the types of jobs you would be interested in. Take note of the skills required for each job. Are any of your skills transferable? Is there a common skill or education level you don’t have, but could potentially obtain?

Use your network

Do you have anyone within your circle of friends or network that work in the industry you would like to move to? Could you ask their advice as to what skills are most favoured in their line of work? Even better, could they introduce you to someone who is potentially looking to hire?

Enhance your skills

There are plenty of online courses to help enhance your skillset. Most of them could be done at night or in your own time.

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Plan ahead

Chances are if you are changing your career entirely, you may need to take a pay cut, or take time of work to improve your skill set. Either way, it’s best to save some money to make the time off work or pay cut less stressful! Planning is essential and it’s important to remember not to burn any bridges along the way! You never know which relationship might be beneficial to you in the future!

All the best with your career move! If you are looking for work in Western Australia, be sure to check out our available jobs online here.