Australia looks to satellites for exploration with Landsat Next

26 March, 2024

The Federal Government affirms participation in Landsat Next, a satellite program for Earth surface mapping.

The program aims to;

  • Support mining exploration
  • Monitor of the Earth’s climate water and environment
  • Crop and agricultural health, and;
  • Manage of floods, fires and natural disasters.

The program, anchored in Alice Springs, extends a long-standing partnership between Geoscience Australia and the USGS.

It extends nearly 50 years of close earth observations.

Minister for Resources Madeleine King highlights Landsat’s significance in various sectors.

“Landsat data is vital for industries such as mining and agriculture and is an essential tool in managing natural disasters,” Federal Minister for Resources Madeleine King said.

“The Landsat Next satellites will mean we can monitor Australia’s lands and coasts from space. It is the biggest and best selfie we could take of our great country.”

Australia aims to commit $207.4 million over four years and ongoing funding to enhance satellite facilities.

“Landsat data supported emergency services in Queensland in January to help mitigate potential flooding in Queensland ahead of Cyclone Kirrily,” King said.

“I am delighted that we will continue this partnership with the US for decades to come.”

The Landsat Next program is planned for launch in 2030.