BHP Completes Safety Improvement Project

25 July, 2023

BHP Completes Safety Improvement Project at Pilbara Villages

Major mining company BHP has successfully concluded its safety improvement project at its Pilbara villages worth $300 million.

A significant investment that aimed to enhance safety and accessibility for residents and guests.

A Comprehensive Upgrade

The extensive $300 million investment by BHP resulted in the upgrade of over 10,000 rooms in its WAIO villages, with a focus on enhancing safety features. The project included the installation of more than 10,000 new doors, 8,000 lights, 1,500 CCTV cameras, and over 4 kilometres of fencing. The comprehensive scope of the upgrade aimed to ensure that the villages felt safer and were more accessible for all visitors.

“Safety continues to be our number one priority and I’m happy to see this work complete to make our villages feel safer and more accessible for everyone who visits them,” WA Iron Ore NPI (non-process infrastructure) general manager Kate Holling said.

Collaboration with Local Contractors

BHP’s commitment to supporting local businesses was evident in its collaboration with 100 percent Australian manufacturers and local contractors, including those owned by Traditional Owners. The company actively engaged with the local community to promote economic growth. It also created opportunities for local businesses to contribute to the project’s success.

Stage One Completion

The Village Security project was divided into stages. Stage one alone represented a substantial investment of $100 million over a 24-month period until mid-2023. During this phase, the selected contractors, including the Southern Cross Electrical Engineering (SCEE) Group, played a crucial role in the project’s successful implementation. BHP’s decision to involve SCEE was a testament to the capabilities and diversification strategy adopted by the group in recent years.


The completion of the $300 million safety improvement project showcases the company’s commitment to community welfare. The upgraded Pilbara villages are now expected to provide a safer and more accessible environment for all residents and guests. This reflects BHP’s ongoing dedication to safety as a top priority.