BHP Extends Pilbara Education Partnership

26 March, 2024

BHP Extends Pilbara Education Partnership to Benefit Newman and Port Hedland Schools

BHP has reaffirmed its commitment to the education sector in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. They have chosen to extend its Pilbara Education Partnership for another year. This initiative aims to provide critical funding to schools in Newman and Port Hedland. It will help to ensure the continuity of essential programs.

“The Big Australian’s dedication to our schools in the Pilbara region is commendable,” said WA Minister for Education Tony Buti. “Their continued support will make a significant difference in the lives of students.”

With a financial commitment exceeding $3 million, BHP’s extension of the program enables the continuation of vital initiatives. These initiatives primarily focus on two key areas:

  • Supporting early childhood education and
  • Facilitating pathways to employment or further education for senior students.

“The Pilbara Education Partnership has been instrumental in driving positive outcomes for students since its inception in 2005,” Buti noted. “We have witnessed tangible improvements in academic performance, attendance rates, and disciplinary incidents.”

The Rise Up program, operated by BHP in collaboration with Hedland and Newman Senior High Schools, will also persist

“The partnership’s impact extends beyond academic achievements,” explained Buti. “We’ve observed improved health outcomes for younger children and increased parental involvement in their children’s education.”

Kevin Michel, a member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly representing the Pilbara region, echoed Buti’s sentiments. “Programs and initiatives made possible through the partnership make a big impact on the outcomes for students in Newman and Port Hedland, which not only helps children while they’re at school, but sets them up to live successful lives,” he said

The extension of the Pilbara Education Partnership demonstrates BHP’s ongoing commitment to supporting educational initiatives and fostering positive outcomes for students in the Pilbara region.