BHP supports women and children in need

19 February, 2024

BHP supports women and children in need. BHP has stepped forward to offer vital support to vulnerable women and children by donating $CAD500,000 ($571,050) to the YWCA Saskatoon’s Hope Lives Here campaign.

This campaign, spearheaded by the YWCA, is aimed at tackling the pressing issue of inadequate housing for women and children in Saskatoon, Canada.

In 2022, YWCA Saskatoon faced the difficult reality of having to turn away over 4000 women and children seeking assistance due to limitations in capacity and infrastructure.

The new initiative seeks to address this challenge by funding the construction of a new transitional housing wing. This will effectively more than double the current capacity to provide safe and secure housing for women and children in need.

Cara Bahr, the CEO of YWCA Saskatoon, expressed gratitude for BHP’s generous contribution, emphasizing its transformative impact on the organisations ability to serve those in need.

“From providing safe shelter, to our comprehensive employment programs, this transformational gift from BHP will directly contribute to helping YWCA Saskatoon serve women and families in need, giving hope to those who need it most,” YWCA Saskatoon chief executive officer Cara Bahr said.

BHP’s donation will specifically facilitate the establishment of a new education and training classroom facility. Here, clients of the YWCA will have the opportunity to acquire valuable career skills, empowering them to secure sustainable employment and build stable livelihoods.

Karina Gistelinck, BHP’s potash asset president, highlighted the crucial role played by YWCA Saskatoon in the community, underscoring the significance of access to education and training in opening doors to new opportunities.

BHP’s commitment to supporting community organisations and initiatives in Canada is evident, with over $CAD50 million contributed since 2015.