Australia ranked in global mining report

Australia ranked in global mining report

Industry bodies have shared their perspectives on the mixed outcomes of the Fraser Institute’s 2023 Survey of Mining Companies report. Report Overview The report evaluates how mineral endowments and policy factors influence exploration investment attitudes globally. It ranks jurisdictions based on overall investment attractiveness, mining policy attractiveness, and geological attractiveness. This year, 293 respondents provided […]

Mining sector to benefit from electric coach

Mining sector to benefit from electric coach

Integrated transport solutions provider Go West has launched its second zero-emissions electric coach in Western Australia, aiming to support the mining sector in reducing carbon emissions. Supporting Fortescue’s Decarbonisation Efforts The new coach will assist Fortescue in enhancing its emissions performance at its Pilbara operations by achieving greener kilometres more rapidly. Go West general manager […]

Fortescue reaches electrifying milestone

Fortescue reaches electrifying milestone | Silverstone Mining Perth

Fortescue reaches electrifying milestone An electric excavator, deployed by Fortescue, has shifted one million tonnes since becoming operational. Situated at Fortescue’s Chichester operation in the Pilbara region, it utilises solar and a 6.6 kilovolt substation. Liebherr’s R 9400 excavator converted from diesel to electric is now operational, exceeding its diesel counterpart. Decarbonising their fleet will […]

Fortescue plugs in electric excavator

Fortescue plugs in electric excavator | Silverstone Perth

Fortescue plugs in electric excavator as lineup of zero emission mining equipment expands. Fortescue is a prominent player in both mining and green energy sectors. They have recently announced the successful deployment of Australia’s first operational electric excavator. This happened at its Cloudbreak mine site in the Pilbara region. This milestone forms a key component […]

WA gives critical minerals funding boost

WA gives critical minerals funding boost

The Western Australian Government is set to inject a substantial $134 million funding boost into initiatives aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions. This financial support will be strategically divided, with $74 million earmarked for projects targeting emission reduction and $60 million dedicated to the newly established Investment Attraction Fund, which aims to catalyse job creation […]

WA mining industries decarbonisation opportunities

WA mining industries get more decarbonisation opportunities

A ground-breaking initiative in Western Australia is set to propel the state’s mining industry towards a greener future through mining decarbonisation. An investment of $4 million will pave the way for the establishment of the Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS) industry, following a comprehensive study showcasing Western Australia’s potential to emerge as a hub […]

Introducing a smaller, lighter lithium battery

Introducing a smaller, lighter lithium battery

Monash University has pioneered a lithium-sulphur battery design that is both smaller and lighter. Most significantly it reduces the need for lithium, nickel, and cobalt. This innovative design not only diminishes lithium consumption but also boasts increased energy density, longer lifespan, and a price tag that’s expected to be half that of conventional lithium-ion batteries. […]

Mining Emissions on the Decline

Mining Emissions on the Decline | Silverstone Australia

Mining Emissions on the Decline. The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has disclosed a significant 9.3% reduction in Scope 1 emissions from MCA member mining facilities for the fiscal year 2022 (FY22). This announcement coincided with the release of the MCA Climate Action Plan-Progress Report 2023 during Minerals Week in Canberra. MCA’s Chief Executive Officer, […]

WA govt wants to establish local green steel sector

Green Steel in WA Mining

Western Australia (WA) currently accounts for 38% of the world’s iron ore supply, but it does not produce any steel. However, a recently commissioned government report aimed to explore how to make a green steel industry possible in the region rather than determining its feasibility. The report presented 17 findings that outlined both the opportunities […]