Bright future for WA lithium

Bright future for WA lithium | Silverstone Sustainable Mining WA

The importance of attracting international investment to WA’s lithium sector was highlighted at the Paydirt 2024 Battery Minerals Conference in Perth. Minister for Mines and Petroleum, David Michael, said in less than a decade, WA had established a multi-billion-dollar battery and critical minerals processing industry. Michael emphasised the state’s abundant reserves of these minerals. “With […]

Australia looks to satellites for exploration with Landsat Next

Australia looks to satellite exploration | Landsat Next | Silverstone

The Federal Government affirms participation in Landsat Next, a satellite program for Earth surface mapping. The program aims to; Support mining exploration Monitor of the Earth’s climate water and environment Crop and agricultural health, and; Manage of floods, fires and natural disasters. The program, anchored in Alice Springs, extends a long-standing partnership between Geoscience Australia […]

Komatsu to acquire American Battery Solutions

Komatsu to acquire American Battery Solutions

Komatsu Australia Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of Komatsu, is poised to acquire American Battery Solutions (ABS) starting December 1, 2023. ABS: Pioneering Battery Technology in Detroit ABS, a Detroit, Michigan-based battery manufacturer, specialises in the development of heavy-duty and industrial battery packs designed for both on- and off-road vehicles. Strategic Integration for Electric Advancements […]

What is the technosphere

What is the technosphere concept | Silverstone Sustainability

What is the technosphere? The materials used by humans now weigh more than all life on Earth. Humanity’s influence on the planet has reached unprecedented levels, evident from the accumulation of plastic waste in oceans and the expansive growth of urban areas. The concept of the “technosphere” seeks to quantify the massive scale of our […]