Do you have a personal brand?

26 October, 2022

Do you have a personal brand?

Has anyone every asked you what your personal brand is? This may be a completely foreign concept (and no we are not asking you to become the next Instagram influencer) but hear us out…

What is a personal brand and why is it an advantage?

Having your own personal brand IS an advantage and here’s why. Your personal brand comes down to the value and skills you have to offer. It is the core of who you are to your future employer.

“Ultimately, your personal brand is about showing who you are, what you stand for and what you can offer to the people or businesses you can serve or work for.”

If you have an Instagram account or Facebook, you may already (unbeknownst to you) be portraying your personal brand. If your future employer could glance at your social media profiles, would it tell them you are a hard-worker or hard-partier? Obviously one of those is more beneficial to your career than the other.

Everybody has a brand, and in the increasingly transparent online world we live in, your brand has more reach, and impact on your career opportunities. Something to keep in mind before you submit your next resume.

Is it time to refine your brand?

Whilst you don’t need to start deleting all your online profiles, it may be handy to keep your personal online presence private. That way, you can develop your public profiles to better reflect your career goals and skillset.

Here are some guidelines to consider as you refine your public/professional persona.

  1. What are your current and future career goals? Can they be identified in your Linked In Profile?
  2. What is your chosen industry or market? Have you linked in with the people you choose or aspire to work with?
  3. What are your skills? Are they evident to the potential employer reviewing your online footprint? Do they provide significant value?

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