Four benefits of Edge AI in mining

20 June, 2023

What are the four benefits of Edge AI in mining?

The mining industry is witnessing the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in various applications such as automated trains, automated drills, and predictive maintenance algorithms. With the emergence of Edge AI, which combines edge computing with AI, the scale at which AI can be implemented in mining has significantly increased. Unlike traditional AI systems that rely on constant communication with the cloud, Edge AI utilises machine learning algorithms that are located and stored locally, enabling real-time decision-making and reducing latency.

There are four key benefits of Edge AI in the mining industry.

  1. Speed

    Edge AI allows mining companies to process large amounts of data at the edge of their networks, closer to where the data is generated. This eliminates the need to upload or download data from the cloud, enabling near-instantaneous decision-making. Real-time insights improve operational efficiency, productivity, and safety.

  2. Savings

    By deploying AI at the edge, mining companies can significantly reduce network costs associated with running AI applications. This is because Edge AI requires less internet bandwidth. In addition, AI can optimise various mining operations, such as drilling and blasting, leading to energy and resource savings. It can also optimise the routing of mining vehicles, reducing fuel consumption and equipment wear and tear.

  3. Smart

    Edge AI devices can tap into cloud-based networks whenever they encounter a task they can’t adequately perform, allowing them to continue learning and improving. This makes AI for predictive maintenance more effective on a large scale, as the AI can access predictive formulas hosted at the edge while continuously enhancing its knowledge.

  4. Secure

    Edge AI devices analyse and store real-world information locally, without uploading it to the cloud. This offers enhanced security and privacy for mining operations. Furthermore, AI can be deployed to detect and prevent cyberattacks or breaches, adding an additional layer of security.

When considering the integration of Edge AI technology, selecting the right platform is crucial for optimal performance in a mining environment. Backplane Technology Systems, an Australian-owned company with over 30 years of experience in providing industrial computing systems to mining companies, offers the Neousys Edge AI GPU platforms.

These platforms, powered by NVIDIA GPUs, feature a patented thermal design for wide working temperatures, a damping bracket to withstand shock and vibration, and an adaptive GPU bracket to support various cards in the system. The Neousys SEMIL series, specifically designed for mining environments, offers exceptional performance and durability in rugged conditions.

In summary, Edge AI brings significant advantages to the mining industry, including speed, cost savings, enhanced intelligence, and improved security. By leveraging Edge AI technologies, mining companies can optimise their operations, increase efficiency, and achieve greater levels of safety and productivity in the future.