Hexagon MineMeasure technology to maximise ore recovery

16 September, 2021

In recent news, Hexagon launches technology to maximise ore recovery. Improvements have been made to the drill and blast process, creating the potential to sustain mineral resources. The recent milestone was revealed by Hexagon and referred to as HxGN MineMeasure.

The Hexagon MineMeasure assists mining operations to maximise their ore recovery. They do this by using a combination of design software, high-precision drilling, blast-movement monitoring, fragmentation analysis and enterprise analytics.

The President and CEO Ola Rolen explained that by improving the ore recovery by as little as 1% can save a mine millions of dollars.

“Not only does MineMeasure address the small, compounding errors that lead to costly consequences throughout the notoriously complex drill and blast cycle, but also it addresses sustainability of precious resources. As ore grades decline everywhere, mines are digging more earth for less ore.”

The mine planning software developed by MineMeasure creates blast designs by incorporating geology properties from the block model. This is the simplified representation of an ore body.

Blast-movement sensors and software technology then accurately tracks the blast whilst blast-movement sensors and software technology accurately tracks the blast. The overall aim of the technology is to minimise loss and dilution.

The MineMeasure technology delivers scrutiny and transparency in every step of the ore extraction journey. It also places emphasis on safety with its delivers scrutiny and transparency in every step of the ore extraction journey.

Finally, Hexagon is presenting the technology behind its smart device ecosystem. They will also introduce new innovations for autonomous fleet management.

This article is an extract from Australian Mining.