How to be a good manager

22 August, 2023

Embarking on a management role, whether in construction, corporate, healthcare, or hospitality, often comes with the responsibility of overseeing a team. While this shift is exciting, it can also be slightly overwhelming.

As you step into this new leadership role, questions about the most effective management style, earning your team’s respect, and leaving a positive mark might be on your mind.

Here’s our guide on how to be a good manager

The Power of Listening

Before you start asserting your authority, it’s important to understand the value of listening. Effective managers prioritise listening before speaking. In the initial weeks of your role, devote time to listen to your team. By tuning into conversations, you gain insights into organisational priorities, culture, and operations. This foundation of understanding will guide your leadership journey.

Clarity on Goals: What have you been hired to do?

Understanding how your performance will be evaluated by senior leaders and the company is pivotal to your managerial success.

Identify the key objectives of your role: will your team’s success be measured by achieving sales targets, delivering projects punctually, or ensuring customer satisfaction?

Initiate discussions with your immediate supervisor to grasp their expectations and how your role aligns with broader company strategies.

Mastering Your Management Style

Recognise your natural management style and be open to adjusting it. For instance, if you’re naturally enthusiastic and action-oriented, remember that this approach may not resonate with every team member. Being aware of your style and its impact allows you to tailor your interactions effectively.

Don’t make changes too soon

The temptation to make sweeping changes immediately can be strong but try to hold off until your get to know your team. Spend the initial months evaluating what’s working and what could be enhanced before initiating any transformations. Engage in one-on-one conversations with team members to understand their roles, activities, and potential problem-solving insights. They may be able to offer valuable solutions.

Embrace Mistakes

Managing a team can be tricky, so expect to make some mistakes along the way. And that’s ok!

The first attempt at anything is likely to come with errors, and managing a team is no exception. View your mistakes positively, and learn from them.

Final thoughts on how to be a good manager…

Stepping into a managerial role can be daunting but remember that you don’t need to have all the answers from the outset.

Observing your colleagues and understanding your responsibilities are crucial initial steps. Being a manager entails significant responsibilities, and your attitude towards your team and peers is a defining factor.