How to cope with job loss

25 May, 2021

How to cope with job loss

Many people have had to cope with a recent job loss as their positions have been made redundant due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19. Some people may also be going through other difficult changes to their work, or have had reduced hours at work meaning a lesser income. When the cost of living has not changed, all the above circumstances can be very stressful on the individual and their families. 

The impact of job loss can be psychologically taxing

Whether it be the loss of personal connection, autonomy and security, the impact of job loss can be psychologically taxing. It’s important to understand how to cope with change and loss within your career and develop techniques to help you move forward.

Ways to cope with job loss

Many people relish in a sense of control over their future. Especially when it comes to their career. However, waiting for normal pre-COVID times to return may not be the healthiest way to cope with job loss. There aren’t any definitive answers as to how long we will be living with COVID-19, which can create a deeper sense of insecurity and frustration with the situation.

The following suggestions are positive ways to cope with job loss and change within your career in 2021.

Focus on what you can control

Begin with what you can control such as your daily budget. Assess your monthly spending and figure out what you could cut back on until you are earning an income again. Things like

– Apps subscriptions

– Takeout

– Gym memberships

– Household cleaners; can all be cut back on immediately and may save you $100’s per month.

It’s also advised to see what you can apply for with regard to government assistance. 

It’s important to talk to your social network or family about how you are feeling

Sharing your feelings will help you to work through the stressful changes. You may come across others in a similar situation and it can be helpful to share positive suggestions. It’s important to understand that it isn’t your fault and there are many people worldwide in your situation.

Reframe your experience

This may be an opportunity for you to venture into a new career or job title. What new skills have you learnt with your past job that you can apply to a refreshed resume. You may find yourself applying for roles that exceed your past job.

Be productive with your time between jobs

Learn more about how you can expand your skills. You could take an online course with Linked In or apply for some free courses with a university. Review your resume and cover letter so that when you do come across a job you are ready to apply.

Daily self-care activities

There are many daily ways to help care for yourself and alleviate stress during this time. These include; a full night’s sleep, daily exercise, meditation, journal writing and eating healthy. These activities can help to raise your levels of serotonin which is a chemical within your brain that helps to boost your mood and overall sense of well-being. 

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