How to get your resume past the robots

25 November, 2021

Did you know that most recruitment agencies are using resume scanning to filter through applications? If you’ve attended university in the last 10 years you would know that any report  you submitted was scanned for plagiarism. Now, recruitment agencies can utilise these technologies to help narrow down applications for jobs that have a large interest. It’s called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). The software uses what can essentially be thought of as robots to scan through job applications.

So how do you get your resume past the robots? Read on.

Update you cover letter with key words from the job description

If you read our blog on “How to write a cover letter” you would already know that you CANNOT submit the same cover letter to multiple jobs. You need to tailor it ever so slightly to match the job you are applying for. ATS systems are programmed to scan for key words, so it’s important to start sprinkling those from the job description throughout your cover letter.

Ensure all your experience and qualifications are included in your resume

ATS is not just programmed to scan for keywords. It will also scan for other information such as former employers, experience, universities, and qualifications. It’s unfortunate, however some candidates may miss out on job opportunities they are qualified for as they don’t get past the robots. If you happen to know someone that works at the company, ask them to put in a good word to help you get past the automated grading.

Use text, not graphics…the same goes for acronyms!

Unfortunately, the ATS will not track any graphics you include in your resume. Be sure to use words rather than graphics. The same goes for acronyms. Don’t use these to describe your experience, make sure you spell them out. For example, rather than writing AFA, ensure you write, Authorised Financial Advisor.

Don’t overdo it with key words!

If your resume makes it past the robots thanks to your litany of keywords, it still must read well. Make sure the recruiter on the other end isn’t reading a jumbled mess of keywords.

All the best with your job hunt! If you are looking for a job in Western Australia, check out our list of jobs available online here at Silverstone Recruitment, Subiaco.