Komatsu to acquire American Battery Solutions

22 November, 2023

Komatsu Australia Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of Komatsu, is poised to acquire American Battery Solutions (ABS) starting December 1, 2023.

ABS: Pioneering Battery Technology in Detroit

ABS, a Detroit, Michigan-based battery manufacturer, specialises in the development of heavy-duty and industrial battery packs designed for both on- and off-road vehicles.

Strategic Integration for Electric Advancements

In a statement, Komatsu expressed the strategic significance of the acquisition, stating, “The acquisition of ABS will empower Komatsu to advance and manufacture its battery-operated construction and mining equipment, leveraging ABS’ battery technology alongside Komatsu’s extensive knowledge and network.”

Global Deployment Plans for ABS Batteries

The initial Komatsu equipment featuring ABS batteries will be deployed in North and South America. There are future plans to extend the utilisation of these batteries to the global supply system.

As part of the acquisition, Komatsu is committed to supporting ABS’ battery business to foster the continued growth of the electrification business. ABS will function as an independent entity within the Komatsu group. This will enable it to broaden its reach to mining companies while simultaneously accelerating Komatsu’s electric vehicle development initiatives.

Environmental Commitment: Reducing CO2 Emissions and Carbon Neutrality

This collaborative effort aligns with Komatsu’s broader environmental goals. Komatsu stated, “These efforts will help Komatsu achieve its management target of a 50 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions from the use of its products by 2030 (compared to 2010 levels), as well as the company’s challenge target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.”

Komatsu is actively working towards the development and launch of electric equipment as part of its commitment to carbon neutrality. The company aims to create new value for customers by introducing innovative equipment, processes, and technologies. The overall aim is to propel operations towards a more sustainable environment for the next generation.