Mining sector to benefit from electric coach

24 May, 2024

Integrated transport solutions provider Go West has launched its second zero-emissions electric coach in Western Australia, aiming to support the mining sector in reducing carbon emissions.

Supporting Fortescue’s Decarbonisation Efforts

The new coach will assist Fortescue in enhancing its emissions performance at its Pilbara operations by achieving greener kilometres more rapidly.

Go West general manager Brad Bunce highlighted the sustainability benefits of the electric coaches. “Getting people to and from where they need to go is a logistics and network planning outcome – doing it with a more sustainable vehicle is an environmental achievement,” Bunce said. He added, “We’re proud to partner with Fortescue to deliver a resource sector fleet solution that showcases the benefits of deploying electric coaches in the industry.”

Previous and New Deployments

Go West’s first electric coach was launched in February 2023 and is currently used to transport South32’s Worsley Alumina employees to and from their site. The second coach, the Yutong D7E, will be the first 27-seater electric mini-coach to operate in the Pilbara region, providing transport for employees from camp to site on a 30km round trip twice daily.

Environmental and Operational Benefits

“By taking people from A to B on an electric coach or zero-emission bus, we eliminate emissions and provide not just a better environmental outcome, but a cleaner, smoother ride for passengers,” Bunce said.

The new mini-coach is currently being modified in Perth to ensure it meets mine-site compliance and Fortescue’s specific requirements.

Future Outlook

Bunce emphasised the importance of zero-emission buses in achieving sustainable goals in the resource sector. “Zero-emission buses will remain a driving force in achieving more sustainable benchmarks, especially in the resource sector,” he said.

The integration of these electric coaches marks a significant step towards decarbonising transportation within the mining industry, setting a precedent for future sustainable initiatives.