Stop saying these things in your interview

20 January, 2022

Looking for a job in Western Australia this year? These are the things you should stop saying in your interview!

It’s time to elevate your interview skills and stand out from the pack. There are certain words that are cliché, overused or just don’t demonstrate confidence in your abilities. It’s important to be aware of the words you use that may downplay your abilities. First impressions are key and whilst you might be the best man or woman for the job, how you are perceived is everything.

These are the words you should stop using in your interview and why!

These words make you sound like you’re not comfortable –


It’s all about confidence and when you are asked to describe a situation in which you helped your previous employer be sure to use the word “I.” Your potential employer is interested in what impact you have had, so it’s important to be comfortable with your skill set and what you can offer.


Don’t use the word ‘just’ to describe your skill set. For example, “I just help with xyz” doesn’t sound as important as “In my previous job I was responsible for…”


Using the word “obviously” can come across as condescending and rub people the wrong way. You are just meeting your potential employer for the first time, so nothing is obvious to them.

These words are overused –


a self-proclaimed workaholic isn’t necessarily what an employer is looking for. An overworked employee that doesn’t understand balance is often the first to burn out. It’s also not often the case without any evidence that you are in fact a workaholic – so stick to examples of ways that you are hardworking or focused on getting great results or outcomes.


There isn’t an employer that hasn’t heard of the term “perfectionist.” People are well and truly versed in the art of turning a weakness into a strength. Try to be a little more transparent than that. A better way to describe a weakness would be – you set very high standards for yourself and sometimes need to recognise when a task has been completed well enough, that it’s time to move on.

Finally, here’s what you SHOULD say in an interview…

Ever heard the term “fake it till you make it?” Whilst we don’t condone lying on your resume, it’s important to fake your confidence (even better to be confident) in an interview. Try to begin each sentence with:

  • “I identified”
  • “I developed”
  • “I proposed”
  • “I implemented”

All the best with your 2022 job hunt! If you are looking for work in Australia, please visit our “Available Jobs” page here.