The best interview questions for employers

26 October, 2021

Need help drafting the best interview questions for employers? Conducting interviews can feel a bit like ground hog day so we’ve compiled a list of our best interview questions. If you’re stuck trying to find the best candidate for your role, check them out below.

What are Behavioural Interview Questions?

Behavioural questions are created to see how the candidate behaved in a past situation. Ask them to think of a workplace situation that occurred and how they dealt with it. How did they feel about the situation? What did other employees at the time say about the situation?

Behavioural interview questions are important as they can give insight into how a candidate may make decisions in the role.

Examples of Behavioural Interview Questions include:

1. Describe a stressful work situation and what you did about it.

2. Describe a project you worked on as part of a team.

3. How did you resolve a difficult situation with a client or vendor?

What are Situational Interview Questions?

A situational question is when the candidate has not had experience but is asked to hypothetically answer how they would respond if the situation were to occur. 

Discuss a behavioural situation from the above questions and add in a hypothetical scenario within the situation. This will require the candidate to think on their toes and give insight as to their problem-solving abilities.

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