Valuable Career Advice in 2023

25 January, 2023

Looking for some valuable career advice in 2023? We’ve got you! Our Silverstone Career Advice blog is updated monthly with the latest career tips, industry news and job updates.

Is 2023 your year to shine? Do you have particular career goals you’d like to achieve? If you haven’t yet read our blog on “How to Stick to your Career New Year’s Resolutions” click here.

Here are some other handy tips to excel your career in 2023.

  1. Set aside time each week to do some reading. Stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies. Or check in here monthly! This can help you stay competitive in the job market and make you a valuable asset to any company.
  2. Expand your network. It’s time to hop onto LinkedIn and start growing your network. Attend industry functions and start building a strong professional network. A strong professional network can open up opportunities and help you stay informed about job openings or new industries.
  3. Find ways to up skill in 2023. Take classes, attend workshops, or pursue additional certifications to improve your knowledge and qualifications. Demonstrate that you are willing to invest time and energy in your own growth.
  4. Show your boss you are committed to working with them! Be open to remote work or flexible work arrangements. With the ongoing pandemic, remote work has become a norm and is likely to continue in the future.
  5. Stay positive! With the right mindset and perseverance, you can achieve your career goals.
  6. Sit down with your boss and ask what a pay rise or promotion would look like? What work load would you be expected to achieve. Go above and beyond your job responsibilities. Show your employer that you are capable of taking on more responsibilities and contributing to the company’s success.
  7. Demonstrate initiative! Show your boss and colleagues that you are proactive and can think strategically to improve processes and procedures.
  8. What value do you bring to the company? Understand the company’s goals and objectives and align your work to contribute to the company’s success. Show your manager how your work is impacting the bottom line and the company.

Remember that each company and each individual manager has their own way of promoting employees. It’s important to communicate with your superior that you would like to put in the work to excel your career in 2023! All the best with your career aspirations in 2023!