What are the drivers behind job satisfaction?

20 September, 2022

Yet another by-product of covid, job satisfaction is ranking higher than ever. People are making career changes as a result of the time they have had to reflect about what they would like to do with their lives.

Why is job satisfaction important post covid?

Besides its impact on people’s health, covid has restricted people’s lives, from travel to sporting events and even education. Now that the world is beginning to lessen these restrictions, a now or never attitude has arisen. Always wanted to travel to that dream destination? Book it! Want to marry the love of your life, do it! Need to change up your career? Why not? It’s now or never!

And here’s where job satisfaction comes in…

Job satisfaction can not only be interpreted as your happiness level with your job, but your overall well-being at work.

The perceived threat of COVID-19 is said to increase job stress, which in turn, has a negative impact on job satisfaction. This heightened awareness of people’s values combined with this “now or never” attitude has caused many people to re-evaluate their careers.

So, what are the key drivers of job satisfaction? Here are a few below.

  1. Do you feel your work matters? Are you contributing to a bigger picture? Do you have a strong sense of purpose?
  2. Do you feel as though you are part of a team? A sense of belonging is a key contributor to job satisfaction.
  3. Do you have a good work life balance? In the midst of covid, it seemed as though work was the only agenda given family and friend catch ups and holidays were cancelled. Work life balance is no longer only for those with children or caring responsibilities. It’s a necessity for everyone.
  4. Do you have variety in your job? Variety at work is about building on your existing skill set. When we can do that in a job, we naturally build higher levels of diversity in tasks and styles of work.

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