Why self-awareness is key in 2022

16 December, 2021

As we move towards a new year, it’s important to reflect and identify what we can work on in 2022. If you are wanting to excel in your career, self-awareness is key in 2022. There’s an infinite level of self-awareness that we can tap into if we are willing to look into it. They say that life is a classroom, so how do we learn from each of our experiences?

If you can gain a different perspective in situations, you can grow as a person and improve in everything you do.

Self-awareness = Positive change

If you know what needs to be worked on, you can take responsibility for it and influence it. Then, the next time you are in a similar situation you can influence the outcome.

So how do you become more self-aware?

It’s important to identify how your energy is influencing the people around you. How are you showing up to work? How are you interacting with co-workers? How is your relationship with your boss?

Here’s a daily exercise that can help improve yourself awareness and therefore influence your outcomes.

Daily journaling is highly underrated when it comes to improving self-awareness. This is because it results in delayed gratification. Whilst you won’t have an epiphany writing your first journal entry, in the coming months you can significantly improve how you interact with others and approach various situations. Remember, wisdom doesn’t come from your experiences, it comes from the reflection of your experiences.

These are the 4 questions you should write down and ask yourself daily to guide you on your journal entry. Base them on an experience from your day.

  1. What was the outcome that I wanted?
  2. What was the outcome that I experienced?
  3. What could have caused that outcome?
  4. How can I take responsibility for that and what can I learn?

By just committing to a few minutes of journaling a day, by the end of 2022 you may be a whole new person! Just remember self-awareness is key in 2022!