Zenith Energy will supply Kathleen Valley Mine

20 September, 2022

It has been announced that Zenith energy will supply the power to the Kathleen Valley Mine Project in Western Australia.

Zenith is a leading independent power producer in Australia.

They specialise in tailored off-the-grid hybrid power generation.  The contract is based on a Build, Own and Operate basis. The initial term is 15 years and Zenith will finance the design, construct, own, operate and maintain the 95 Megawatt station.

This is expected to coincide with process plant commissioning in H1, 2024. The facility will include wind generation from five wind turbines each capable of generating 6MW. The thermal power component will comprise 27MW of gas generation and 5MW of diesel standby generation.

It is expected that the Megawatt station will be the largest off-grid renewable capacity of any mining project in Australia.

The station will also be able to run in “engine off” mode for significant periods of time. The parties have also agreed to use their best efforts to finalise a binding Power Purchase Agreement within 90 days of the date of the Letter of Award.

Finally, Zenith Energy will be working with the Tjiwarl Traditional Owners. There will be a collaboration between Zenith and the established Tjiwarl Contracting Services. They will work towards delivering strategies for low carbon emission power solutions for miners and communities on Tjiwarl native title determined lands.

This article based on a news story from Australian Mining.