How to get a job in a different industry

17 June, 2020

How to get a job in a different industry

Thanks to COVID 19 many Australians are researching “how to get a job in a different industry.” It can be a little daunting applying for work in an industry with little to no experience. Especially with the competition for work in Australia increasing! However, employers aren’t just looking for experience. Don’t underestimate the power of dedication, a drive to learn and transferable skills.

Check out our key tips below on “How to get a job in a different industry.”

1. Research the industry you are applying for

It goes without saying that you will need to research the industry you are applying for. Try to understand what it will involve and if there are any industry trends you should be aware of. As you research, note down the skills required within that industry. Start by researching:

– Industry Blogs

– Industry Newsletters

– Follow the relevant social media accounts

– Connect with industry leaders on forums such as Linked In

2. What are your transferable skills?

As mentioned above, don’t underestimate your range of transferable skills. It’s time to make a list of all your potential skills that you can attribute to your new industry. Start by assessing your non-technical skills such as:

  • communication skills
  • organisational skills
  • relationship-building skills
  • negotiation and;
  • problem-solving skills

Take it one step further in your interview by highlighting a skill and showcasing an example of how it will benefit your potential employer. 

For more transferable skills check out

3. Do you have enough downtime to upskill?

Because of Coronavirus, many Australian’s have a lot of downtime. Restrictions have meant spending time at home, so with all this spare time, why not upskill? There are plenty of online courses to sign up for that may offer you a head start and increased confidence when applying for a job in a new industry. 

Applying for an online course will also show your potential employer that you are proactive and are passionate about learning.

Finally, before applying for any job in a new industry, update your resume to reflect said industry. There is no point putting in the groundwork if it’s not reflected on your resume and in your cover letter. 

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