Silverstone’s objective is to ensure Our Values are embedded in everyday decision making, operational processes and at the centre of our long-term strategy. Sustainability is at the core of this, enabling us to deliver projects for our clients and meet our emission targets. We continue to strive to create a circular economy so that it benefits our stakeholders, the community in which we operate in, and the environment.


Silverstone aim to balance business growth and performance with long term sustainable solutions.

We know the decisions we make today, need to ensure delivery of our services for our customers for the long term.

We rely on delivering better outcomes through our partnerships with customers, stakeholders, joint venture, suppliers. We will do this through our sustainability principles. Silverstone look to invest in growing sustainable areas that are aligned to our strategic direction.

Sustainability Principles

We will operate our sites responsibly whilst respecting our neighbours, local communities, and the environment.

We will take a long-term view of aligning our investments inline with our strategic plan.

We will work to ensure that we not only provide employment and improve employability of our current workforce but will provide an opportunity for future employees of all relevant skills and backgrounds. We want our people to be fit and healthy and return home safely each day and are committed to Zero Harm.