How to prepare for your virtual interview

21 April, 2021

It’s not something that was at the top of our minds prior to 2020, but a common google question moving into 2021 is “How to prepare for your virtual interview.” Given some workplace restrictions around the world, many companies are conducting virtual interviews. 

A virtual interview can be a lot harder than a company’s boardroom. For starters, you might feel you are being judged based on the background of your screen. There are several more elements that come into play because you are effectively inviting a potential employer into your home.

According to recent studies, 62 percent of adults prefer in-person interviews. This is because they said an in-person interview is the only way to really judge the opportunity. And they’re worried that a virtual interview limits the connection they can make with the interviewer.

87 percent of employers say they know whether the candidate is the right fit within the first 15 minutes. On top of this, virtual interviews can introduce new bias. Body language and mannerisms are a huge factor in forming people’s opinions. On a virtual interview, simple cues such as shaking the person’s hand can’t be done to help form a reputable relationship.

Here are our tips on how to prepare for your virtual interview

Firstly, establish a relationship quickly.

Establish a relationship quickly

It’s important to build a rapport quickly with your interviewer. Try to establish a personal connection with the interviewer. Do they have a LinkedIn profile or a website profile you can review prior to the interview? Do they have anything in common with yourself? Likes, hobbies? Be sure to use the first few minutes of the call to help establish common ground which is great for building rapport.

Find a quiet spot

This one seems obvious but take note of potential loud noises that could interrupt your interview. While it’s not your fault, a baby crying or a dog barking or even television noise in the background can influence the interviewer’s perception of you. Let your housemates or family know that you have an important interview so they are aware to keep noise to a minimum at that time. People walking in the background of your screen will distract from your interview.

Check your tech

Conduct a test run on the platform you will be interviewed on to avoid any technical issues. If you accidently mute yourself or add a crazy filter, it’s important that you know how to correct the issue immediately. It’s not a great look to an interviewer to see a potential candidate fumbling over technology. Especially if it will be a part of your potential job role! Make sure to download the program if you haven’t already a week in advance to give yourself time to test all the buttons and see what everything does.

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