How to stay motivated during COVID 19

16 April, 2020

How to stay motivated during COVID 19

Whether you are working from home, looking for work or struggling to deal with the current isolation restrictions in Western Australia, it can be hard to stay motivated during this time.

Corona Virus or COVID-19 has completely changed the way we live our lives and interact with those around us. The social distancing restrictions can lead to some people feeling isolated and recent business closures have left many out of work or struggling to change their business strategy.

Here are some important tips on How to stay motivated during COVID 19
1. Feeling overwhelmed or uniformed?

According to Forbes, it’s normal to feel as though you are not getting enough information on the current COVID 19 status. However, trawling the internet and news is not the best way to motivate yourself in your career. Instead, find ways to add value to your life and keep checking off items on the to do list.

Try setting a 30-minute boundary every morning to update yourself on COVID 19. This will help you to avoid losing yourself in the media.

2. Finding yourself with more spare time given the social and work restrictions? 

Motivational gurus like to say, “whatever you focus on will expand.” Find a hobby or something you have always wanted to do. Learn a language or work on a home project.

3. Struggling to head into work? Write down a list of all the things you love about your job. Studies have shown this to help the release of dopamine, the feel-good chemical in your brain.

4. Stay healthy. 

It’s important to keep eating nutritious foods and maintaining physical activity. Whether it be a walk around the block or an online exercise class, when you get your blood flowing and your body moving, you release endorphins which combat stress.

5. Maintain your normal routine, even if you are currently working from home. 

If you would usually get up and exercise before work, do so. Make sure you set your alarm, get up early to shower and get dressed. It can be tempting to work from bed in your pyjamas but you won’t be as motivated as working from your office or a desk. Having a separate workspace at home will maintain that professional mind-set when you are in that space.

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