Improving your skillset in 2020

20 October, 2020

Although the pandemic continues to impact many of us, the ability of businesses to change and adapt strategy in such a short period of time has been motivating to watch. The same goes for individuals looking for work. Many people have had to dust off their resumes and persevere to find new work in an altered economy.

If you need help writing your cover letter, visit our past blog here.

However, as we wrote in our past blog here, personal development is the key to success.

If you need help improving your skillset in 2020, but don’t have access to classes or courses during the pandemic, LinkedIn are currently offering online video tutorials.

LinkedIn Online Tutorials

The Microsoft Ecosystem was launched in June 2020, an ambitious global skills initiative designed to help 25 million people worldwide acquire needed digital skills. And so far, it has had over 10 million users! We’d call that a success!

So, what do the Microsoft Ecosystem LinkedIn courses have to offer?

“With the LinkedIn Economic Graph, we’re able to digitally map over 706M professionals, 55M companies, 11M job listings, 36K skills, and 90k schools on LinkedIn, and use that data to spot trends like in-demand skills, emerging jobs, and global hiring patterns.”

Want to be a Software Developer, improve your Customer Service or become a Data Analyst? All of which you can do via the online courses. The courses are easily filtered according to the skills you want to develop.

Soft Skill Improvement Online Courses

The “Soft Skill” courses have also been popular. These are the non-technical skills you need to be successful in any career. Skills such as management, social interaction and problem solving. The following have been some of the most popular:

  1. Master In-Demand Professional Soft Skills: on developing resilience, building your emotional intelligence, and embracing unexpected changes.
  2. Diversity Inclusion and Belonging for All: to learn skills on confronting bias, communicating across cultures, and skills for inclusive conversations.
  3. Finding a Job During Challenging Economic Times: to learn skills on recovering from a layoff, digital body language, and recession-proof career strategies.

All the best with improving your skillset in 2020! If you are looking for work in Western Australia, we have plenty of blue collar and white collar jobs online now. Check them out on the Silverstone Recruitment website here!