Job Titles in high demand in 2021

22 January, 2021

If you are looking for work in 2021, these are the job titles in high demand. COVID 19 has caused huge setbacks for many Australian industries. However, there have been many businesses that have seen opportunities to re-strategize. For some innovative people, work is booming and has continued to in 2021.

Looking for work? These are the job titles high demand in 2021.

1. Ecommerce roles grew 73% 

From titles such as Delivery Driver to Package Handler, there has been an explosion in demand for ecommerce teams. If you are looking for a job in 2021, these roles often require easily attainable skills. These include customer service, leadership and communication.

2. Loan and Mortgage roles grew by 59%

It’s no surprise that this industry is booming given the all-time low interest rates. These roles are great, particularly if you are looking to work remotely from home. However, they do require a university degree or commerce qualification. 

3. Digital Marketing grew by 33%

Given the boom in e-commerce sales a rise in digital marketing jobs was on the horizon. The digital world is saturated with brands and the platforms are endless. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tik Tok, businesses are attempting to gain exposure on at least one. There is opportunity for remote work and most require some form of brand management skills. That being said, there are plenty of online courses to learn from.

4. Healthcare roles grew by 30%

Fighting off a pandemic is no easy task, it requires an army. If you are a Registered Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Nurse Practitioner or Intensive Care Nurse, fear not your job opportunities are endless. Hospitals, schools and aged care homes are among the many hiring in 2021.

5. Mining work grew by 4.9% 

The Mining Industry delivered a 10.4 per cent share of the Australian economy in 2019-20, making it the largest economic contributor with a $202 billion GDP, according to The Australian Bureau of Statistics. From engineering roles to electricians, operators and account managers. The opportunities range from no experience required to Bachelor Degrees. 

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