Komatsu commissions Australian-first ultra-class truck

17 February, 2021

An advanced low emission mining truck has been commissioned by Komatsu. This move is said to have furthered the sustainability of Australian mining. UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is a partner with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 

The mining truck will help to reduce the volume of fine particles in the air by 80%. This will allow the system to work more efficiently. The haulage process is a major contributor to mining emissions and the high-pressure fuel injection system within the truck will help offset this process.

Jason Arthur, Komatsu’s national product manager for mining, is proud of his company’s dedication to sustainability.

“Komatsu has a strong commitment to environmental best practice, with a continuous focus on reducing our environmental impacts and our carbon footprint,” he said.

“Our ongoing research and development efforts include developing new products that significantly reduce fuel consumption as well as greenhouse gas emissions” he said.

The 300-tonne 930E-5 further processes any leftover emissions through a cylinder to reduce any remaining nitrogen oxide greenhouse gas emissions. The truck also includes a factory-engineered sound suppression solution.

Komatsu should be commended on their contribution to the mining industry and dedication to reducing mining emissions. 

Since 2010, Komatsu have reduced their CO2 emissions by over 31%. Their goal is to reach a 40% reduction by the end of 2021.

This article was edited from the Australian Mining Website.