Northern Star renews underground strategy for greener operations

17 February, 2021

Northern Star Resources is merging with Saracen Mineral Holdings. They’ve also announced they will be re-assessing their environmental strategy. Renewable energy will be highlighted as part of the company’s growing future.

The company has put an action plan in place that includes modular, transportable power and hybrids for operations with short mine lives. Northern Star plans to value underground mining as it has less impact on the environment.

They are also considering leveraging energy efficiencies across its business, such as the existing practice of regular operational fleet change outs.

Whilst the company has admitted it will be challenging, environmental sustainability is an important goal.

“Climate related scenarios allow Northern Star to explore and develop an understanding of how the physical and transitional risks and opportunities of climate change might plausibly impact Northern Star’s operations over time,” the company stated.

“(Northern Star) recognises that the merger with Saracen will change the company’s footprint. It reflects the time required to assess the merged entity’s environmental footprint.

“As part of the process, we will consider options. These include energy efficiency, renewable energy, fuel switching, supply chain engagement and offsets.”

During the 2020 calendar year, the company contributed higher emissions due to the increased electricity usage from their Kalgoorlie operations. The company mined 1.4 million tonnes of gold and 1.9 million tonnes at the KCGM joint venture.

Finally, Northern Star will work towards aligning with the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2021.

This article was edited from the Australian Mining Website.