The Top 5 Skills an employer wants to see

17 March, 2021

Ever wondered what the top 5 skills an employer wants to see are? If you are looking for a job or are about to go to an interview, this blog is a must read. It’s also a handy set of guidelines if you are looking to grow in your current role.

Read more to learn the Top 5 Skills an employer wants to see in 2021.

1. Resilience

A top skill when interviewing potential employees is their resilience.

An employee must be able to adapt to change and strategise to overcome challenges within their role in 2021. Covid-19 presented a rollercoaster ride for most businesses, and so those employees that demonstrated resilience became highly valued.

How do you demonstrate resilience to a potential employer? Think about how you handled 2020. How did you stay productive within your role or at home? You want to show potential employers you have the skill set to deal with unexpected and challenging events should they arise in 2021.

2. Confidence using technology

This became quite important in 2020. As employees worked remotely, the need for zoom meetings, electronic communication and the implementation of other new technologies became essential.

Demonstrating your ability to utilise these new forms of communication within the workplace is important. In an interview or application, identify how you use different technologies and how they assist your work.

3. Proactivity

A proactive employee is a valuable employee. Employees that can think ahead and provide value beyond their job role are most likely to succeed and excel within their industry. shows that 42% of Australians learned new skills in 2020 that they wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for COVID-19.

If you are walking into an interview with a potential employer, demonstrate your level of proactivity by articulating any achievements separate to your current role. Did you learn any new skills that lead to an advancement within your role? Did you suggest any ideas that added value to the company outside your role?

4. Emotional Intelligence

There are a multitude of values that demonstrate emotional intelligence and borderline our first point, resilience. EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) is a measurement of your social communication skills, ability to identify emotions and relate to others.

How can you demonstrate to your employer, or future employer, that you can manage and express your emotions in a productive manner? Do you take time to listen to the concerns of others, demonstrating a management level skillset? Are you self-aware? 

“IQ gets you hired, but Emotional Intelligence (EQ) gets you promoted” (TIME, 1995)

5. Creativity

Finally, have you been honing your creative skills? 2020 threw many twists and turns and the employees that could think outside the norm became highly valued, if not promoted! Most businesses had to adjust their sales strategies to cope in a contactless era. Many swapped to an online forum or diversified their services. The employees that were able to help adapt and guide their employers showed creative initiative.

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