WA mining welcomes new talent

23 April, 2024

The Western Australian mining industry has extended a warm welcome to four new recipients of a PhD scholarship program. The program is generously funded by the WA Government through the Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA).

These prestigious MRIWA PhD scholarships are designed to enrich the state’s minerals research landscape while nurturing the future talents of Western Australia’s mining sector. They play a crucial role in cultivating graduates capable of bridging the gap between the mining industry and research domains.

The latest cohort of awardees for the year 2024 will delve into various mining challenges. Focusing on decarbonisation efforts and the quest for novel resources to sustain the industry’s productivity.

Emad Al-Hemyari has been honoured with the 2024 MRIWA Odwyn Jones PhD Scholarship, named in tribute to the esteemed Western Australian mining educator, Professor Odwyn Jones AO. 

Al-Hemyari’s research endeavours revolve around harnessing the potential of sound waves and artificial intelligence (AI) to unveil subsurface geology in real-time. This helps to facilitate miners in pinpointing concealed ore deposits more efficiently.

Yamini Kannappan, recipient of the 2024 MRIWA PhD Scholarship for Women, is dedicated to developing cost-effective and environmentally friendly techniques for extracting rare earth elements from low-grade host rocks.

Additionally, MRIWA has bestowed further PhD scholarships upon Sistine Sun, who is investigating the ramifications of CO2 emissions reduction targets on the Western Australian mining sector. Finally, Muzammil Khan, whose research focuses on technologies supporting low-carbon steel production.

“MRIWA scholarships are an important part of a vibrant culture of minerals research in Western Australia, attracting some of the best future mining innovators from around the world,” WA Mines and Petroleum Minister David Michael said.

“I’m excited to see the new ideas this group will generate as they work together to reimagine the future of our mining sector.”

These scholarships not only empower promising scholars but also contribute to the ongoing advancement and sustainability of Western Australia’s mining sector.