Why personal development is the key to success

12 August, 2020

Why personal development is the key to success.

“Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.” 

Why personal development is the key to success.

What do billionaires do every morning? It’s time to wake up an hour earlier and become a better you.

Before you read the following points and think “none of them are game-changers” think again. We are conditioned in society to look for the new, so don’t dismiss the below points. They will help you to become a better version of yourself, and each day will be a step forward from the day before.  

Use the below steps to become the person you need to be, to create the success that you want.
1. Silence

We don’t have lot of silence in our lives. From the minute we get up, the TV is on, the phone starts ringing and people around you are asking questions. 

Peaceful purposeful silence is when our best ideas come. Meditation is often thought of as “clearing your mind,” but you can use meditation to set your mindset for the day. Ask yourself “What do you want to accomplish today?”

Set your intention for the meditation. What ideas do you want to get from it? Keep your notes app on your phone ready! You may be flooded with ideas.

Don’t try to think. Just sit there in silence. You might find you come up with your best ideas when you are falling asleep or in the shower. So why not tap into this clarity every morning with a 10-minute silent meditation?

It’s a balance between relaxation and alertness. Set a 10-minute timer, breathe deeply, close your eyes, sit up straight and let the ideas flow. 

2. Affirmation

An affirmation is a written statement that directs your focus toward something of value.

Affirmation fails 1: Don’t lie to yourself “I am a millionaire” won’t make you a millionaire. Your conscious mind will tell you you’re lying. Lying to yourself is not optimal. 

Affirmation fails 2: Ignore flowery language affirmations eg. “I am a money magnet” “Money is flowing to me effortlessly.” Money does not flow to anyone effortlessly.

There are 4 steps to creating affirmations that drive results.

1. Affirm what you are committed to “ I am committed to becoming a millionaire.”

2. Why is your affirmation deeply meaningful to you? “Because I want financial freedom.” Note: The more meaningful it is, the more leverage you have of achieving it.

3. What activities are you committed to doing to ensure your success? Be specific. 

4. When are you committed to implementing those activities? Today? Tomorrow? Daily?

The above are practical steps to ensure you commit and achieve what you want in life.

3. Visualisation 

The world’s best athletes use visualisation. They may visualise themselves at an event, so when the actual event takes place, they have already been there. 

For example: See yourself going to the gym with a smile on your face. Visualise enjoying the exercise, create the anticipation that you want to do it. 

4. Exercise

The benefits of exercising in the morning even for 60 seconds, will cause you to breathe harder and oxygenate your cells. Wake up your body every morning for a successful day.

5. Read

Every one of us is one book away from learning everything we need to learn. If you have access to books and know how to read, you have access to everything you need to know, to transform any part of your life. Reading for 10 minutes a day can quite literally be life changing.

Just think. 5 pages a day, 150 pages a month. 1 self-help book a month. That’s 12 books a year to becoming a better you.

6. Scribing

What we focus on becomes our reality. Download the app “The 5-minute Journal.” A series of prompted questions will help you to focus on the good in your life. It’s based on the science of positive psychology. For example, you may be asked:

– 3 things I’m grateful for

– 3 things that will make the biggest difference to my day.

Being busy tricks our brain into thinking we are being productive. ‘Production’ is when you are busy doing the things that move you toward your biggest goals.

The act of writing down the top 3 things you are grateful for every morning, will allow you to make progress on your goals that may have once been fantasies.

Finally, be at peace with where you are. Use a healthy sense of urgency to apply the above steps to get where you want to be. Don’t stress yourself out along the way, a small step forward every day, will make a huge difference in the end.

Ideas taken from “Miracle Morning” by Pete Mockaitis.